Property Tax 2022

  • The reformed property tax will come into force on 01 January 2025.
    As a result, tax offices will revalue all real estate in Germany on the cut-off date of 01 January 2022. The valuation process stipulates that for each property a "Declaration for the Determination of the Property Tax Value" must be submitted via ELSTER. This must be submitted by 31 October 2022 at the latest
  • You can submit this declaration without the help of a tax advisor. However, since the transmission can only be done digitally, you must also consider the effort of the registration process. Furthermore, there is a risk that erroneous information may lead to an incorrect submission of the declaration.
  • We are happy to help you save time and minimize risks. We offer to digitally prepare the declaration to be submitted and to properly transmit it to the tax office.

Our services for you


  • Digital transmission and clear storage of documents using our nhs*Dracoon Cloud
  • In-depth familiarization with the issue
  • Preparation of the declaration of assessment by qualified employees
  • Transmission of the declaration via ELSTER after approval by the client
  • Receipt and review of the assessment notices
  • Implementation of the opposition proceedings if necessary

What is some of the information required for the declaration under the federal model?

  • Location of the land or of the agricultural and forestry enterprise
  • Address of the owner(s)
  • Ownership structure in the case of several owners (co-ownership shares)
  • Property area 
  • Land register information such as parcel, land register sheet, district
  • Type of property 
  • Year of construction and, if applicable, year of a structural renovation
  • Living space/gross floor area


For more information regarding the property tax reform, please also see our Newsflash.

You can find a schematic presentation of the required steps here: Workflow


If you would like to mandate nhs* with the preparation of the declaration, please send the signed engagement letter by mail or the version with a qualified digital signature to

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