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We provide you with comprehensive advice on all tax return-related issues and handle all aspects of its implementation.

Before we prepare the tax return, we advise you about income taxes, wage taxes, corporation taxes, trade taxes and VAT, because having the right tax strategy is the key to success.

Our tax return-related services

  • Tax advice and optimisation of income taxes, corporation taxes, trade taxes, VAT and property transfer taxes
  • Preparation of private tax returns
  • Preparation of tax balance sheets
  • Preparation of business tax returns and the corresponding reports
  • Input tax refund applications
  • Tax assessment audits and tax assessment appeals
  • Support in fiscal court proceedings in collaboration with legal experts
  • Support in company audits
  • Advice on international issues such as double taxation agreements
  • Expat taxation, net salary agreements, foreign assignments
  • Preparation of intercompany pricing documentation
  • Advice on internal taxation processes
  • Contract audits for tax purposes  
  • Advisory services including applications for binding assessments or negotiations with the revenue authorities to provide legal security in business decisions with potentially far-reaching impacts 
  • Preparation of multi-year tax plans for businesses, freelancers and private individuals

Property Tax 2022

You can find important information regarding the reformed calculation of property taxes on this page:

Property Tax 

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