In this section you will find the current and future issues of the nhs* Managmentletter with information relevant for directors, managers, (advisory) board members of companies with business in Germany.

The nhs* Managementletter will be published in regular intervals and will deliver concise and poignant summaries of Compliance-topics that are important for the management of businesses in Germany and Europe.

The first issue is about Due Diligence in the context of acquiring or selling a company. Future issues are already in preparation and will deal with Sustainability, Internal Control Systems, Insolvency, and many more.

04. April 2022 | Managementletter No. 01


Issue No.01 of the nhs* Managementletter is all about the various types and importance of performing Due Diligence in the context of M&A.


 nhs* Managementletter No. 01

04. July 2022 | Managementletter No. 02


Our second issue of the nhs* Managementletter deals with Sustainability and upcoming reporting-requirements.


nhs* Managementletter No. 02

09. January 2023 | Managementletter No. 03

In our third issue of the nhs* Managementletter, we look at some important points that are necessary to know about creating and filing the annual financial statements and tax declarations for an entity registered in Germany.


nhs* Managementletter No. 03