Analysis & financial modelling

In business, like in sport, you’ll encounter situations that seem impossible to overcome. We help you to find a solution.

Changing frameworks, additional requirements, and necessary adjustments – with the support of the right team you can even emerge from a difficult game as the winner.

Business planning / reporting

Defining and achieving goals is fundamental to good performance. The more players you have on your team, the more important effective communication becomes, to ensure that everyone is aware of the team objective.

We support our clients in analysing their company’s business contexts and then map them in a planning model to quantify objectives in various scenarios.

You can also request us to prepare a complementary report on the rate of objective achievement based on the planning model. It includes comprehensible figures and graphics, and it also meets bank and investor information requirements (performance reports, financial covenants etc.).  

International business reports (IBR)

“A good horse never jumps higher than it has to” is a German saying to explain why targets are sometimes only just met. Occasionally, though, even a good horse stumbles or fails to clear the hurdle.

If targets aren’t met, financial covenants are breached or it looks likely that they will be, a company’s business performance and the future viability of its business model can soon be called into question.

Both the business owner and the financing banks and investors want to know why. Basically, they need to know whether the performance dip is temporary or long-term, e.g. as a result of changes in the market or the competitive framework or cost structures.

In this kind of situation an external appraisal of financials, market position and operating performance by an independent consultant is necessary.

Cost optimisation / restructuring

If the game plan doesn’t work, you have to put your heads together and adapt to the situation by changing your strategy or line-up.

We support our clients to identify the adjustments they need to make to get back on track. A central aspect of our consultative approach, in addition to earnings and cost structure analyses for the development of suitable cost-cutting measures, is to analyse processes and responsibilities.

A bad run in sport isn’t always the fault of the equipment or players. Sometimes the team just gets out of synch.

We develop optimisation concepts and action plans with our clients to help them get through difficult situations or achieve turnaround.

Transaction structuring

Teams buy new players to improve their chances of success. But how good is the new member? And will he really deliver the desired performance boost in the short term?

Our financial and commercial due diligence audits evaluate performance potential and reveal weaknesses and risks before the transaction goes ahead – ensuring that the purchase price is appropriate and the decision to buy the new player isn’t a mistake.

We play on the offensive by performing a detailed analysis of the target to identify all the weaknesses without impairing the relationship between buyer and target – because they’ll be on the same team after the transaction.

We also train our clients to participate in the purchase process themselves, and we perform the vendor due diligence or provide transaction support documentation, such as an information memorandum or a financial fact book, to guarantee that all transaction-related information is correct, professionally prepared and incontestable.

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