Financial statement audits

More than an understanding of numbers or legal compliance

 We collaborate with you to identify and assess your organisation’s key accounting processes. This provides us with an understanding of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, so that we can identify risks and develop solutions to optimise your processes and make them more efficient.

Our objective is to inspire public trust in your financial statements. And we also want to gain your trust as the foundation for a long-term partnership.

Annual and consolidated financial statements

 We audit annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and interim financial statements, as well as the underlying accounting procedures, in accordance with German commercial law and international accounting principles and auditing standards.

Our audit projects include both statutory and voluntary single entity and consolidated financial statement audits.

Our clients can depend on a high level of audit consistency because our internal quality assurance system forms an immanent part of every single one of our audits.

As Englobally’s German network partner, we also have local experts in your national markets to support your international activities.


It doesn’t always have to be a full audit! A review is also a good trust-building instrument.

We perform our reviews – a smaller-scale version of the annual financial statements audit – in accordance with the German auditing standard IDW PS 900.

How does a review benefit you?

  • It increases confidence in your annual financial statements even if they don’t undergo a full audit
  • It sends a positive signal to recipients of your financial information
  • Quarterly or six-monthly reviews improve the quality of the annual financial statements
  • Covenant breaches are promptly identified
  • It supports your internal control system